Welcome to the website of the Edinburgh FOCUS Foundation Ophthalmology Course.

The FOCUS course is a hands-on practical course, with patients with real pathology to examine and focused small group activities, to ensure every delegate gains the maximum opportunity and experience. This has made it an extremely popular course, which sells out every time.

This course was first held in January 2007 in Edinburgh, UK. It is designed to teach the basic practical skills essential for doctors starting a first job in ophthalmology, or for those wanting to learn basic ophthalmological examination skills.

2019 was the fourteenth FOCUS course, and it has now become an essential course for aspiring ophthalmologists in the UK.

Upcoming Course Dates: 11-12 November 2022



This highly regarded and sought-after course has evolved and developed in line with the needs of aspiring trainee ophthalmologists based on honest feedback obtained from all attendees.

Quotes from previous attendees:

“Excellent. Would recommend it highly to all junior ophthalmologists and A&E doctors”

 “Good balance between theory and practical sessions”

 “Pitched at a level appropriate for beginners”

“Very useful, very well organised with very helpful demonstrators”

 “Hands on and great opportunity to practise with good supervision”

 “Great food”

“Excellent teaching, nice to see real cases with pathology”

“Everyone was enthusiastic, supportive and approachable”