Course Contents


The Edinburgh FOCUS course is a 2-day practical course, with plenty of opportunity to learn and try out the techniques being taught.

There are lectures, demonstrations and short tutorials, but these are relevant to the practical skills and the emphasis is on hands-on teaching.

Contents include:

  1. Basic clinical anatomy of the eye
  2. Slit lamp: basic techniques (concentrating on anterior segment) and practical applications
  3. Pupil examination
  4. Visual fields
  5. Applanation tonometry (intraocular pressure measurement)
  6. Direct ophthalmoscopy
  7. Familiarity with other fundoscopy techniques (i.e. slit lamp and indirect ophthalmoscopy)
  8. Dealing with corneal foreign bodies
  9. Use of fluorescein and other common eye drops
  10. Acute red eye
  11. Loss of vision
  12. Paediatric ophthalmic emergencies
  13. Q&A session on Ophthalmology ST1 applications

Hot lunches are provided on both days, as well as the course dinner out on Friday night. Coffee, tea, fruit and snacks are available at other times.

Sample programme : FOCUS programme 2017